May the 4th be with us

May 4th 2014 vs Otorohanga AFC Women’s B

May the 4th be with us

A not so long time ago, on a soccer pitch kinda far away, the Unicol Women’s B team were ready to cross lightsabers with Otorohanga.

The force was definitely with us on Otorohanga’s luscious green pitch – coming from glorious dusty homelands, we weren’t quite sure about this ‘grass’ stuff we were to play on.

We started the game as we meant to carry on – like Luke Skywalker, only female, Laura was ready to strike.

The Oto Goalie was a defiant Darth Vader and was not going to allow Laura an easy passage.

But like a good Jedi, patient she was and struck at the right time she did.

Now because Laura likes the taste of success like all good Jedis, she decided one wasn’t quite enough and used the force, scoring her 2nd goal after receiving it from a fantastic pass out wide.

Soon after, the other Jedi knights (wearing their sexy new Kooga strip might I add) were lining up to take their shot at the Death Star that Goalie Vader was fiercely protecting.

After a few setbacks by Otorohanga’s Storm Troopers and with some strong defence tactics from our Jedis that Obi Wan Kenobi himself would’ve been proud of, the Jedis fired the ball back up the wing where Erin was waiting patiently as Coach Yoda had taught her.

She conceded a magnificent goal that went wide of Vader.

After resetting and intercepting the ball, Erin set to work, weaving her way in and out of the Storm Troopers’ defence like a sneaky little Ewok.

She generously shared the ball amongst her fellow Jedis who set her up nicely for another successful goal.

Another Ewok, Safari, had been taunting Vader all game and she too was ready to send Vader’s Troopers into a galaxy far, far away.

After the Troopers tried their best to clear the ball, we were awarded with a corner kick, to which Ewok Safari with a kick as powerful as a dark horse, pelted the ball into the box, sprinted back and hoofed the ball into the Death Star.

Attempting to even the score in the second half, Otorohanga’s Troopers managed to break through our tough as Wookiee defenders and had a shot on goal at which our Goalie (whose height is comparative with that of R2D2) leapt into the air between two attacking Troopers and by some stroke of luck ended up with it in her hands.

After a few distributing errors, our Goalie managed to pass the ball up the wing to our Wookiee-come-Jedi Ashley who then with a great roar, shot it up to Ewok Erin.

Erin made a mad dash and smashed it over to Megan, who like C3P0, was calculating her angles at which to slot it past Vader, and this ended up being a successfully perfect top-left shot.

Vader, being tired from blocking 20 odd laser strikes was still not ready to give up the fight of the Deathstar whilst Konagh with the energy of a crazy Jar Jar Binks high on V, was running around the place creating havoc.

Meanwhile, C3P0 Megan ran the ball up the wing and accurately pelted the ball across to Konagh Binks who after a couple of wild attempts did an almighty final kick to which the ball sped past Vader at the speed of light, making the final score of the game 7-0.

Coah Yoda delivered a great speech not only remembering to thank Hoyts, spoke highly of the Storm Troopers’ performance and awarded a very deserving player of the day to Birthday girl Tash.

The force was definitely with us on May the fourth, especially against a tough team of Otorohanga Storm Troopers.

Fines This Week Go To:

Russell x2 – for leaving Thistle in the car & for her escaping onto the field

Thanks Russell

Posted on May 9, 2014 .