Want to sign up for a Unicol team?

A new requirement of New Zealand Football is that all players are responsible for their own registration to clubs, there is no longer a facility for clubs to roll registrations over for returning players, nor for clubs to register players on their behalf.

Below is the link to the Unicol Registration form housed in WaiBops' GoalNet. Every players is now required to have a username and password to register through goalnet. This form lets us know who you are and what level of play you're interested in. Once you've submitted your info our Director of Coaching will be in touch.

If you have played for a different club in 2018, you are responsible for clearing any debts, monetary or equipment from your previous club. Be sure to look at Waikato Unicol AFC's 2019 membership conditions before you register.

NOTE: If you are transferring from a football club outside of New Zealand then also check out the International Transfer Regulations.

Waikato Unicol WaiBop Registration