Membership Conditions

Be sure to review Unicol's membership conditions for 2019. They contain all sorts of important information on things like fees, club rules code of conduct and fines.

Unicol Code of Conduct

Be sure to make yourself acquainted with Unicols revised Code of Conduct here! 


All fines resulting from RED and YELLOW cards are the players own responsibility.

Fines are currently set at $50 RED/day suspended and $25 YELLOW, but are subject to change.

On receipt by the club of a fine notice from Waikato Bay of Plenty Football, the player will be informed by either a committee member or team manager. The player will then have two weeks to pay the fine to a Club Captain or Treasurer. Failure to pay may result in the player being stood down from further games until the fine is paid.


Your subs, along with any sponsorship or fundraising the club may receive, help to keep the club functioning. This money goes towards the following major costs:

  • Field/facility hire and development

  • Equipment

  • Affiliation and entrance fees

  • Administration expenses

See our fees page for more information.


Team Shirts are provided. Shorts will be provided subject to team numbers and availability (players may be required to bring a black pair of shorts).

You are expected to buy a pair of regulation Unicol socks (at a cost of $15 a pair).

Goal keepers may be reimbursed $75 (maximum) on production of a receipt for a pair of gloves (one pair per Keeper per season). You are expected to return all property belonging to the club at the end of every game.


Teams are required to provide their own transport to away games. A partial reimbursement of transport costs may be available (subject to finances) for teams that have their subs paid in full.

International Transfers:

If you are transferring from a football club outside of New Zealand then then see also our International Transfers page.