International Transfers

If you are transferring from a football club outside of New Zealand then the following regulations apply to you.

Player Responsibilities:

International affiliated players wanting to play for Unicol are required to apply for ITC (international Transfer Certificate) .

This applies to every Football Club within New Zealand. Every International player should read and understand Section 7.2 to 7.2.9 and 13.1 to 13.7 of the New Zealand Football Regulations if they would like to join our club.

Any transfer fees will be paid by the player applying for ITC and not by our club. 

For more information see:

7.2. Transfers to or from New Zealand – International Transfers

7.2.1. FIFA Transfer Matching System (TMS)

The international transfer of any player from one Member Association to another Member Association must obtain an International Transfer Certificate (ITC).

Any transfer of any player who upon completing ITC attains the status of a Professional player or any transfer involving the international transfer of a minor (under 18) must be recorded by NZF in the FIFA TMS System. Transfers of Professional players who are acquiring Amateur status and transfers that are Amateur to Amateur are not required to be processed via FIFA TMS.

7.2.2. A player previously registered with club affiliated to another Member Association, cannot register with a New Zealand club until an IT C has been obtained by NZF from the player’s former club.

7.2.3. Clubs requesting an ITC for a player may only do so during the registration period specified in paragraph 5 of this Regulation 5. NZF will not issue an ITC outside of this registration period.

7.2.4. Before requesting an ITC, it is the responsibility of both the releasing and the engaging clubs to settle all differences and/or outstanding issues in respect of the player concerned.

7.2.5. The ITC must not be made subject to any conditions. In particular, the validity of an ITC shall not be restricted to a certain period, and any clauses or provisions to this effect appended to the ITC or otherwise shall be considered null and void.

7.2.6. FIFA Regulations specify that the previous National Association shall, within seven (7) days of receiving the ITC request, issue the ITC to the new National Association. In the event that the new National Association does not receive a response to the ITC request within thirty (30) days of the ITC request being made, it shall immediately register the player with the intended new club on a provisional basis (“Provisional Registration”). A Provisional Registration shall be deemed to have become permanent one (1) year after the ITC request, if the previous National Association has not before then issued the ITC.

7.2.7. A transfer may be considered by NZF at its sole discretion outside the transfer period contemplated under paragraph 5 of this Regulation 5 when a player can show that because of circumstances beyond his control, he is obliged to change his country of residence. Any decision to allow a player to transfer must take into account the competitive integrity of the competition into which the player will transfer.

7.2.8. Any dispute can be referred to NZF who will, in the first instance, work with the National Association concerned to achieve a solution.

7.2.9. In the event that no solution can be achieved the dispute may be referred to the FIFA Player Status Committee.

13. Guest Players:

As a general rule:

13.1. Any player who is not a New Zealand citizen or who does not hold a permanent resident permit, and requires an ITC to play in New Zealand, is to be regarded as a “Guest Player.”

13.2. No team may have more than three (3) Guest Players recorded on a team card in the same match.

13.3. 13.1 and 13.2 will apply to all competitions that fall within the direct control of NZF and controlled by the regulations for these competitions.

The application of this paragraph 13, beyond NZF competitions, will be at the discretion of each District Federation to determine. However it is expected that this paragraph 13 would apply to the principal competitions of each federation both at senior and junior level and for both male and female competitions

13.4. A Guest Player may, after having resided continuously in New Zealand for a period of not less than twelve months, be re-classified provided they apply in writing to NZF via their local District Federation.

13.5. District Federations shall keep a register of Guest Players and note any changes of status.

13.6. In the event of a Guest Player transferring to a club in a different District Federation, then the District Federation giving the clearance shall advise the new District Federation of the Guest Player’s status.

13.7. In the event of a dispute concerning a player’s classification as a Guest Player, the local District Federation shall request the player to forthwith produce such evidence as is necessary for that District Federation to determine the matter.