Smoke the Tok

April 27th 2014 vs Tokoroa AFC Women’s B

Smoked the Tok

We knew we were up for some tough competition from the Tok ladies the moment we stepped out onto the glorious Unicol pitch.

The first half was definitely a tough and even battle between our two teams and we knew eventually our hard-working forwards who’d been hunting for that ball would be rewarded.

After our trade mark build up play deep down the wing to the corner flags, the ball found its way to our Defender-come-Striker Laura, who hoofed it into the back of the net with a bit of help from the goalkeeper.

A mishap with handling the ball outside the box, awarded Tok a free kick.

Three of our levitating ladies forming a great wall of Unicorns made for an easy save for our Goalie.

Towards the halftime whistle, there was a bit of a kerfuffle in the goal box and Tokoroa missed an opportunity to even the score again when their penalty kick was off target and went in the direction of the 2A car park rather than the goal.

Very early on in the second half during a corner kick, the talented Safari smashed an absolute corker of a ball to the middle of the box where Robz was perfectly placed and headed it stupendously into the goal.

After a mighty fist-pumping-while-jumping celebration (and us oldies managing to not injure ourselves), we were back to business.

Tok thought they could try and outsmart our forwards at the centre pass-offs, but a couple of these were stolen by our lightning-fast forward Erin, who quickly pinged these up the wings with great speed and accuracy, and with outstanding assistance from Laura, Tash and Ruth, scored 3 fantastic goals.

Tok then attempted to respond and managed to fire the balls down to our end a couple of times, but with our awesomely tough- as-haggis (coz let’s face it, that stuff takes a legend to stomach!) defenders at the ready, they kept the ball out of the goal box, which meant leaving our Goalie to contemplate what cold beverage would be consumed at The Don’s.

Ruth then dropped it like it was hot damn near to the ground and headed the ball up the wing to Konagh (who had been tormenting the Goalie all game with her attempts) smoked the Tok defenders and like a pro, punted the ball into the back of the net, making that our 6th goal.

An epic game of football against the team who had been un-beaten by Unicol for a number of years and to top it off, Russell remembered to thank our sponsors, Hoyts.

A result well deserved against a top-notch team.

Posted on April 28, 2014 .