The Road Trip After the Night Before

A great turn up to the Unicol Quiz Night... Sexy Onesies for all! Most only got 3 hours sleep having to meet at Uni at 8am for our Road Trip to Mangakino!

With an 11 strong squad turning up (2 even without shoes.. but with boots, socks and shinpads at least). We were in Mangakino with plenty of time to spare, but strangely no opposition. After a worried half hour finally they started to make an appearance. Kick off time loomed.. suddenly a cop car appeared (I think there was a bit of a "what did I do last night??" moment from some of the girls), but he was just there to ref as part of their community project.

With a starting line up not hard to name, having only 11, and putting the most hungover in goal first we got underway.

Mango dominated the first half, playing a back line and long through balls to their strong physical strikers. Mango scored a scrappy goal early on.

They then extended the lead with a great shot that flew over our keepers head.

Finally Unicol made it on the board with an amazing shot from Nic that bent like Beckham and thoroughly confused their goally.

The second half saw Unicol step it up and start playing football. There was real intensity in the last 15 minutes from the attack... and our defense were not letting the relentless Mango attack through.

Final score 2-1 to Mangakino.

It was amazing to play a competitive, tough, honest, friendly team!!

Special mentions: Danielle and Delilah - for helping out in defense and doing an amazing job! Tory - for a stunning 3/4 in goal Libby - for an amazing game in mids (and not complaining too much when she was returned to defense) Georgia - for an amazing game down the wing getting lots of ball. Nic- for a great goal Kiriana - for having a spew plan (thanks Victoria Gorter) Briar - for being so tough on the ball today Holly - for being EVERYWHERE Kirsty- for representing the 80s by being the only player not born in the 90s for the team today. Hamish- for coming all the way to Mangakino! Driving! and General Amazingness!

But Man of the Match went to Jem for her very solid performance in defense. She chased up everything and had some amazing clearances. Well deserved.

No game next weekend. .although maybe a court session to relive all the stupid shit we have done so far!

Posted on May 25, 2014 .