18 May Vs Melville - The View from the End of the Field

A 3-1 loss against a team of 11 refs. Although Unicol were the goal scoring champions of the day scoring 3/4 of the goals. Melville were definitely a physical team who could not handle physical back. Honesty counts in C div and it was great that Unicol kept playing hard but fair footy.

Vhari is fast becoming our top goal scorer with an amazing goal today.

Kirsty again had to turn into super keeper - and the Unicol team decided to test her today. A needed chop in the box saw the first penalty awarded. The Melville player stepped up to the mark oozing confidence. She kicked.. KEEPER MAKES A SAVE!!!! There is a little caterpillar wiggle to regain the ball.. but no goal scored.

Melville then scored a goal that Kirsty had 'Got Low' to, but it slid underneath.

Second half saw the second penalty from an unfortunate hand ball in the box. Melville did not play the rule 'if you miss a pen you never take one again' and got the same player to step up and try again. Lacking a little confidence now she blasted the ball, but not past the keeper... KEEPER MAKES A SAVE!!!!

Now the next 2 goals Kirsty and Libby harnessed the power of Lou Vincent and Melville owe them a bit of money for match fixing. A good attempted save from the keeper, but officially an own goal with Kirsty's gloves rolling the ball over the line (a tantrum was thrown). Then a very unfortunate defensive deflection into the goal saw Melville up 3-1.

Kirsty has now officially retired from the position of goal keeper!

Two players of the day: Danielle - a fantastic game in mid field. Really coming to the ball and playing off some great passes. Kirsty - For saving pens.

Written by Kirsty (Can only really remember what happened down my end sorry)

Posted on May 18, 2014 .