The Morning After…

May 25th 2014 vs Claudelands Women’s B

The Morning After…

After a gangster night out at the annual Quiz Night that only Unicol knows how to do in true Unicol style, the team rocked up looking weary under their sunnies and some still smelt like a brewery.

This did not seem to hinder our game too much, in fact for some of our players it enhanced it.

The first 30minutes of the game was a solid attacking offense from both sides with Claudelands breaking into our half and into our goal box with a few shots on goal.

But it was energizer bunny Konagh who scored the first goal of the game into the bottom corner of the goal.

It wasn’t long before Konagh’s constant torment of the Claudelands defence turned into another goal. Dark horse Safari cracked another perfect corner kick into the box where tough-as-haggis Rebecca was waiting. She quickly passed it to Konagh who blasted it high into the back of the goal.

After more attempts of goals from Claudeland’s quick and strong strikers, the ball made its way back up the field again and there were a couple of goals disallowed for Unicol being offside.

In the second half, our fitness was shining through as Claudelands struggled to keep up with our sharp passing and fantastic attacking out wide on the wings.

Ruth doing what all good strikers do, being in the right place at the right time, received the ball from out wide, weaved her way into the box and slotted a wicked ball into the back of the net.

As the game reached a more leisurely pace and our Coach was showing Claudelands’ supporters on the side line just how pasty-white Scottish skin can be, Erin notched another amazing ‘where-did-that-come-from’ goal that has become a trade-mark of hers this season.

On the 75th minute mark, our dark horse Safari’s goal appetite was yet to be satisfied.

She gracefully galloped up the field cutting up the Claudelands defence and blasted a

cross-come-shot that landed lowly, making it an uncomfortable ball for the Claudeands keeper to save. As a result, the keeper parried the ball into the back of the net as Safari claimed her 3rd goal of the season, making the fulltime score 5-0.

All in all, a great score against a great opponent the morning after an epic Unicol Quiz Night.

Fines this week go to:

Russell – for sharing his pasty-white skin with spectators.

 - for being late, forcing us

to put on a strip show outside the changing rooms! haharr

Megan – for playing more amazingly whilst smelling like a brewery.

Thanks Russell

Posted on June 4, 2014 .