Marvellous Meanders in Morrinsville

June 15th 2014 vs Morrinsville Women’s B

Marvellous Meanders in Morrinsville

When the female Unicorns reluctantly dragged their hooves out of their warm cars, a cold foggy breeze stung their cheeks as they shivered and snuggled their heads deep into their hoodies. Meanwhile, Dark Horse Safari had bravely endured many a kilometre in the fog to retrieve the forgotten kit which will result in an epic fine come the end of the season hehehe!

The first half of the game seemed to be a battle in slow-mo on both team’s accounts, as it seemed to take forever for set plays to start happening.

The Unicorns managed to break through the Morrinsville defence many a time with Konagh and Safari having numerous powerful shots on goal that were either miraculously saved by the Keeper or were wide.

Number 11 in the Morrinsville team then decided to have a crack and had a lucky getaway, smashed the ball up onto the cross-bar which ping-ponged the ball up and down and over the line, making that the first goal of the game.

Tash who had come back from injury then made some awesome break aways down the wing and shared the ball with our mids and Sharleen, but they too were unlucky in their massive slogs at the goal.

Tough-as-Haggis Rebecca looked like she had had too many swigs of Buckfast the night before and was as white as a pure Unicorn. Nevertheless, she managed to rescue many a ball from our defensive territory and sprinted her pale butt off all the way up to Morrinsville’s box and cracked it wide.

Waves of nastiness then washed over Rebecca who then had to make a mad dash to cuddle the porcelain throne.

Just before halftime, one of Konagh’s famous power kicks was rewarded as she cracked a ball fantastically into the back of the net from no less than 30metres away, making the halftime score 1‑1.

After a rev up at half time, the majesticall Unicorns came out onto the pitch with a fire in their bellies.

They strongly contested nearly every ball and were making sure that they would try their best to be first on the ball without puncturing it with their Unicorn horns.

They were soon rewarded with a fantastic goal from Megan who had weaved her way nicely into the goal box and pummelled the ball into the back of the net.

Needless to say Morrinsville were less than impressed and wanted to even the score.

They fed the ball to number 11 on numerous occasions who made her way to the Unicol 18yard box with huge pressure put on her at differing times from Laura, Lou, Wietske, Ash, Ruth and Renee.

Number 11 attempted to smash the ball, but the Goalie dived at her before she could put a shot away, blocking her shots on goal, which was made easy from the awesome back line of Unicorns.

Even though the score was in our favour, Golden Boot girl Erin was yet to satisfy her goal appetite and wasn’t going to give up until she had conceded.

After receiving a blinder of a pass from the wing, Erin meandered into the box as the defenders zoned in on her in a chaotic mess and in all the confusion, Erin kept her cool and slotted the ball between the Keeper’s legs making the final score 3-1.

A marvellous result against a strong team who put on an epic after-match feed.

Fines of the week go to:

Safari – reaching Eureka & having to go all the way back to Hamilton for the kit!

Rebecca – for not being able to handle her liquor like a Kiwi!

Posted on June 22, 2014 .