June 14 - Unicol B vs Te Aroha

Unicol B vs Te Aroha

Saturday June 14. University of Waikato. A glorious day greeted Unicol’s flagship team, the 3rds, as they arrived at the hallowed University fields. Down two (relatively) important squad members – Dave Galuszka, who broke a nail/hip/knee/ankle after claiming the crown of Unicol’s Sexiest Man for a 3rd consecutive year, and John Ryan who was taking his trademark every 2nd game off – this was never gunna be a tough encounter as Te Aroha were quite comfortably bottom of the league.

Goalkeeper Nezworth Nesdale, looking vibrant in yellow, was preparing himself for yet another game of only having to touch the ball 5 times. Rory McKenzie, looking as tall as ever, was in full voice ready to marshall his 3 dwarves in Jordan ‘Usain’ MacKinnon, Trevor Sayring, and Read Whore. The defensive line wasn’t helped by team boozehag James Stewart showing up 15mins before kickoff, hungover as usual. This forced a team reshuffle meaning Trev and Read joined Usain and the tall fulla in the backs.

The midfield trifecta of Spanish Rory, Canadian Charles, and Japanese? Chinese? Korean? Eisei once again promised endeavor and hard work as they looked supremely confident in the build up to kick off. The Canuck once again fully deserving of his “Mr Reliable” moniker, as he showed up a cool 10mins before kick off after wasting a stunning Saturday morning on the golf course.

Up front, team geriatrics Lee Warin, Jamie Carson, and Patty Purcell were just hoping to do their best to support and feed the ball to Unicol’s best athlete Sam Cameron. The signs were good, as Patty was in a jovial mood after yet another successful week of not impregnating his residents, and Lee and Jamie were actually warming up better than anticipated.

There was a lot to like about this team going into the game – full of vigor, hunger, humor, and good looks.

Unfortunately, we were actually required to play a game of football.

We lost. Spanish scored.

Posted on June 15, 2014 .