May 31st VS Cambridge FC B

Saturday 31 May 2014 - Waikato Unicol B vs. Cambridge FC B

On a brisk Saturday afternoon a decidedly dilapidated Unicol B turned up to the familiar University field to play a Cambridge team that seem out of sorts to what was expected from previous seasons. With many of the Unicol lads nursing a niggle or two, the diminished bench was more than ready to utilise the rolling sub policy. After a solid start to the game, Unicol dominated but were not able to capitalise on the amount of possession they had.

An early opportunity that made the crowd gasp was a low bullet cross from the Diesel dynamo Eisei Toyotaa that was deflected into the cross bar from the stray leg of the Cambridge defence. Now full of confidence with their tails up, Sam “Try and Stop Me” Cameron made a blistering side-line run past and through many of the Cambridge defenders to cross the ball to James “Moves Like Jagger” Stewart, who slotted quite possibly his first goal for Unicol. After many offside calls the score remained 1-0 up to the half time point.

At the start of the second half Cambridge bumbled the ball from the whistle and eventually gifted it to Jordan “Movie-Shirt” Mackinnon who took the opportunity with two hands and to quote Lee “Trustworthy” Warin “scored possibly the greatest individual goal in Unicol history. Collected the ball on his own goal line ran through 17 players before calmly slotting past the keeper. 100 metre run with the ball. 9 seconds. No lies.” With the score now 2-0 Unicol put their foot on the throat threatening many times but unable to get another. A notable mention was a pearler from Charles “Wild Elk” Daily who had a rush of blood and shot from outside the box with his never before used laces. However, there was no glory for this Canadian as the ball slammed into the post, spurted across the goal for an easy Patrick “Panther Boot” Purcell tap in, who only managed to slip over.

Overall, a solid display from the Unicol boys leaving the Cambridge team with a big duck egg next to their name, this win also moves Unicol into the positive goal difference and fourth on the ladder.

A comfortable 2-0 win, which will hopefully continue in the following weeks to come. 

Posted on June 10, 2014 .