Off Season Update

It has been an interesting off season for several reasons.  We are down to one usable pitch at the University, the Dons is back to being run by a catering company and is no longer a fit for football purpose space, and we are the only member of WUCS that has declined changing our name to suit a branding exercise.

The condition of the fields at the University has not changed in the last 30 years.  In particular the field we have used near the library has been prone to flooding and is quite possibly the worst in the Waikato.  The money we normally spend hiring this has instead been diverted to hire fields at Jansen Park, an area that was prepared for the recent U20 World Cup and is unsurprisingly a superior playing surface.

With the Dons once more being run by a commercial catering company we find ourselves warping back in time some 6+ years ago, when the club was not allowed to bring food on the premises to host an after-match.  As such, and with somewhat severe conditions on pre-ordering food no later than the Wednesday before a game, the practicalities of hosting our opposition cannot be met at this venue, not to mention the cost being prohibitive as well.  Instead we head to the Hillcrest Tavern, as we did 20 or so years ago for the obligatory after match feed.

As for a change in name for our club, there was more stick being waved about than carrot, and that's the safest way I can phrase that.

Robin Slade

Unicol Club President

Posted on April 16, 2017 .